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Saturday, July 27, 2013

No Apologies

For the people who are talking about reconciliation with Muslim Brotherhood, I have to say no.

If you want to reconcile with the Muslim Brotherhood, that means you've forgotten what they have done: inciting violence, persecuting non-muslims, and driving a wedge between themselves and other Egyptians.

You should just let them be. Go back to your corner wait for them to make the first move toward real reconciliation. The Muslim Brotherhood's history is filled with aggression, partisanship, and lies. The Muslim Brotherhood chose to alienate the rest of the Egyptian people who disagreed with them, and to make enemies out of them.

Getting together with the Muslim Brotherhood now means that you can live with their way of doing business, and agree with their ideology. That's how they see it. Up to now none of the Muslim Brotherhood members has offered any apologies for the way they have been leading the country, brainwashing their supporters to go on rampages, and attacking protesters, the military, or the police.

What we need to do is to hold the Muslim Brotherhood leaders accountable for all the violent protests that broke out after June 30.

So stop talking about making good with Muslim Brotherhood. Just get them out of politics altogether, and make sure that nobody else will use religion in politics the same way Muslim Brotherhood did.

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