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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Is the End of the Muslim Brotherhood Regime Imminent?

I was talking today to Mostafa Bakery, a Journalist and the chief editor of the newspaper The Week ( Elaosboa ). He shared with me an interesting and very different perspective on what is going on in Egypt right now. 

According to Mr. Bakery, “The Muslim Brotherhood regime is going to fall.” He continued, “We removed Mubarak regime, and the Muslim Brotherhood stole the young people's revolution. However it was a good step toward educating people on how Muslim Brotherhood leadership is failed leadership.”

Before all the elections, there were many promises in the name of democracy by the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that president Morsi belongs to. The Muslim Brotherhood promised they wouldn’t seek more than 25 percent of the seats of the Parliament in November 2011. During the revolution, Abed Elmenim Abu El Foutuah promised that the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn’t put up a candidate in the presidential run. However after he left the group, he ran in the presidential race himself. And of course Mohamed Morsi ended up winning the presidential election with 13,500,000 votes.

According to Mr. Bakery, more than 125,000 ballots in that election were printed with Morsi's name preselected.

“The Egyptian people are feeling the pinch, and the economy is getting worse. The national security is in shambles, and the Muslim Brotherhood's main concern is replacing all the branches of the government with representatives of the their own organization,” Bakery said. “They want to gain control over all the political stage, and paralyze their opposition.”

Mr. Bakery's opinion seems to match the popular opinion in one way. He says that the Muslim Brotherhood is more concerned about their political future than moving the country to a better economic and social state. Every time we hear Morsi interviewed or giving a speech, it's like Morsi lives in a different country, where there is no economic inflation and the people live in better conditions than they did under the Mubarak regime.

According to Bakery, the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood are making people turn their backs on the party, and that will eventually lead to their fall.

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