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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Church Attacks Since Morsi Became President of Egypt

Justice and Freedom party news paper 
This is from a newspaper for the Justice and Freedom Party. The headline reads: "The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) Party; Morsi promises that he will bring security back to the country on day one when takes office."

“'Any attack on Egypt’s Christians is an attack on me personally,' said President Mohamed Morsi on April 7, 2013, after 8 hours of attacks on St. Mark’s Cathedral, during which he stayed silent, as he usually does."

After reading this article, I wanted to collect some statistics about attacks on Egyptiam Christians since Morsi took office. Since Morsi's imauguration, there have been many incidents, including the following attacks on Coptic churches:

November 5, 2012: Muslims tried to seize lands belonging to the Central Shobra AlKhaima church.
February 15, 2013: the Seresna Church in Fayoum was attacked.
February 26, 2013: the administrative building of the Abu Maqar church in Shobra AlKhaima was attacked.
March 1, 2013: the Kom Ombo church in Aswan was attacked, while on the same day the administrative building of the Beni Suef Central church was ransacked.
April 7, 2013: Saint Mark’s Cathedral two people were killed and at least 90 injured on Sunday when unknown assailants attacked mourners outside the cathedral in Cairo where a funeral service was being held for four Copts killed.

Those are only the attacks on the churches and their properties; the same churches that Morsi never visited, never met with their leader, and whose pope’s coronation he didn’t attend.

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