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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Morsi's "Achievements" in Nine Months

  1. Morsi is Egypt’s first elected president. 
  2. Morsi is the first civilian president. 
  3. Morsi is the first bearded president. 
  4. Morsi is the first whose convoy does not paralyze traffic.
  5. Morsi is the first president "whose son gets less than 90 percent in Thanaweya Amma [high school exams]" 
These are among a long list of Morsi's "achievements" in a new book that has been published by the Muslim Brotherhood. The book is titled, “Months of Achievements: President Morsi builds Egypt anew." The book will be distributed to every Muslim Brotherhood member.

Unfortunately, Morsi's achievements have nothing to do with political life in Egypt, nor with the economy.

We are still waiting. When are we going to experience the change he promised?

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