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Friday, February 15, 2013

Morsi Treats Egypt Like a Battered Wife

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi

The Egyptian people have being frustrated by the lack of response from their new post-revolution president Morsi. In response, he is treating the entire nation of Egypt the way a negligent husband treats a complaining wife. He seems to just want to avoid talking about the turmoil that is happening right under his nose.

The activists on the streets in Egypt are fighting for freedom and social justice, but getting nothing but aggressive police with their tear gas and guns. Morsi is relying on the same tactics Mubarak once used during the initial uprising, which angered the people, and resulted in them removing him from his thirty years position as the leader of Egypt.

Morsi is using other tactics that remind us even more about the way Islamist groups tend to suppress women's rights, such as sending around young men to sexually harass women, scaring them from participating in rallies in Tahrir square. Tahrir Square was the place that originally brought the Egyptian people together, both men and women, and helped them connect and unite to remove Mubarak from power.

If you lived in the Middle East you would understand why Morsi is ignoring protesters in the streets all over Egypt. His action--or the lack thereof--is not unusual. Arab men do the same thing with their wives all the time, and face no consequences If the wife doesn’t stop yelling and complaining, the husband may even resort to violence to shut her up. And because it is a domestic matter between a husband and his wife, it is often ignored by the authorities; both the police and the religious leaders.

Mubarak used this approach during the initial uprising in 2011, and now Morsi is doing the same thing; not talking to the Egyptian people, and ordering his state police to use force with peaceful protesters. It is a clear example of how the rights of women, and the rights of all Egyptian people, are linked and both are in danger of vanishing under Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship.

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